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Zombie Games
An animated corpse that is resurrected using mystical means is what people refer to as a zombie. Today, the animated corpse has been applied in many areas of horror fiction, such as books, television shows, films and video games. The mystery and the thrill that comes with the zombie games have made it be embraced in the society today.

It is astounding how despite the mystery and unknown power behind the resurrected corpse, many games with zombies have been created and still are being created. Some of these games are scary and bloody, but this does not seem to bother the people that enjoy playing the games, perhaps since they know that it is not true maybe they get some chills down the spin killing the zombies.

The irony in the games is the way they present the dead creatures some games present the creatures as friendly animals and others present the zombies as heroes far from their real nature. This has made the real nature of the mythical creatures to fade in the minds of people. The games have, in fact, made the creatures appear as everyday heroes.
The animated corpse after resurrection, does not have brain, there for, they do not think nor decide the only thing they do is to respond to stimuli. Some of the online game that have been created portray the animals have a chance to reign will power after eating of a brain. The player is required to take the creature to the stage that will ensure that they will find the brain.

Scary on line games, are both stimulating and fun, that is why most of those who play it get addicted to the games. The games are also therapeutic as it helps people to kill and fight what scares them most.